Podcast Episode: Your Book as a Business Marketing Tool

How to Write a Book to Promote Your Business | Josh Steimle

What kind of return on investment can I get if I hire a book publicist? Sometimes you have to think about the best book publicity campaign first. Josh Steimle is a renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and publishing consultant with unique and compelling advice about books as business marketing tools. In an “All Things Book Marketing” podcast conversation with Dan Smith, he discusses how entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners of all types can write and publish books for personal and business marketing. The books tools to enhance expert brands, attract new clients, secure speaking engagements, and much more. Other discussion points during a wide-ranging conversation about personal and author branding include using social media to build your expert brand, the power of LinkedIn, and the emergence of TikTok as a good marketing platform.

Smith Publicity Pioneered Using Your Book as Your Business Card

For many years, Dan Smith and Smith Publicity have helped authors promote themselves and their books as a way to market their businesses and professional practices. Often referred to in the Smith book marketing materials as using your book as your business card, it’s a powerful way to approach PR campaigns. The benefits of a book publicity campaign continue long after the original publication date, and businesspeople who become authors earn coverage they would struggle to get without their books. Authors have a status as experts in their field and increased credibility thanks to their books. Media and others hold them in high regard and seek their comments and advice.

Personality cultivation is another publicity tactic that is successful for authors and others. As podcast guest Josh Steimle and Dan Smith discuss, personal brands are valuable for a variety of business promotion purposes and are long-lasting in their value. In a world where businesses of all types face vastly increased competition, finding creative and powerful marketing approaches that are proven effective is essential. Every business can benefit from content publicity, but it can be hard to earn without first becoming newsworthy, as writing a book can help accomplish. The value of becoming known personally as a means to promote your business continues to increase.

Writing Bylined Articles Can Help Earn Personal and Business Publicity

Portrait of Josh Steimle who is an expert about the marketing value of books.

Josh Steimle, CEO of MWI poses for a portrait on 31 Juyl 2015, in Hong Kong. Photo by Victor Fraile / studioEAST

Another book marketing technique pioneered by Smith Publicity and now in broader use is authors writing bylined articles. They are excellent ways to connect with target readers and customers. Articles increase your visibility and position you as an expert in your field and book topic for nonfiction authors. These opportunities and techniques flow from writing a book and working with a content marketing firm to promote it. When you consider the time investment and any costs involved, keep in mind all of the extended opportunities that occur. They can give you an essential edge over your competition in many ways. 

About Josh Steimle

Through his company Published Author, Josh helps entrepreneurs write and publish nonfiction books they can leverage to grow their businesses. He’s a TEDx speaker, and he or his writing has been featured in more than 300 articles in two dozen publications, including Inc., Forbes, Fast Company, TechCrunch, CNN, and Time.