Online Book Promotion Opportunities for Success

The Top 3 Online Book Promotion Tools

shutterstock of a person using a computer for self-published book marketing

Successfully promoting your book online is crucial whether you’re a self-published indie author or a NY Times bestseller. Effective online book promotion helps get your book in the hands (or onto the screens) of readers. With hundreds of thousands of books published every year in the United States alone, it’s crucial to formulate a strategic booking marketing plan. You need one to help your book stand out from others within your genre.

Using the internet to promote your book is a valuable method that can help spark sales. Today, Americans spend more time than ever surfing the web to connect with others and access information, making it the ideal place to target your audience and generate buzz.

To Market Your Book Online, Start with These 3 Essentials

  1. Amazon – As you surely know, Amazon is the top online bookseller. It’s a site for both book reviews and purchasing books. Today, Amazon is the first place other booksellers, reviewers, publishers, and readers go to learn more about a book and author. It provides tools to promote your book and enhance its discoverability. Amazon’s Search Inside the Book program lets authors and publishers share book content with potential buyers before they decide to buy. This program, as well as adding tags to your Amazon page, can improve your book’s searchability. Amazon is also an excellent platform for soliciting reviews. For help promoting your book on Amazon, click here to learn about our Amazon Optimization and Amazon Reviewer services. These services attract readers to your page and entice top Amazon reviewers to post reviews to your page.
  1. NetGalleyNetGalley is another valuable tool for marketing your book online. It’s a free service that connects authors and publishers to book reviewers, booksellers, bloggers, and educators. At NetGalley, book reviewers and other professional readers can read a book in an e-book or digital galley format. It’s a valuable tool for generating buzz about your book before and after it’s released. Through a partnership with NetGalley, Smith Publicity offers services at reduced pricing. Check here for more information.
  1. Goodreads Goodreads is like a Facebook for book lovers. Users can share what they’re reading, review books, and find suggestions on what to read next. More than 30 million book lovers use Goodreads, so it’s an excellent platform for promoting your book. You can create an author biography and list your books, as well as hold book giveaways and Q&A sessions.

Need help utilizing these platforms to promote your book online? Smith Publicity can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help your book achieve optimal success. For more book marketing tips, review our ultimate book marketing plan here.