Book Marketing Programs Available from Smith Publicity

When it comes to how to market a book, few firms can match the expertise and experience we have at Smith Publicity. 

“Effective book marketing means adapting to industry changes, and ideally staying ahead of these changes,” says Smith Publicity CEO Dan Smith. “Our service offerings are always evolving because the media landscape is always evolving. Thanks to the breadth and depth of our experience, we’re perfectly equipped to help publishers and self-published authors alike. Our publicists market books in all genres, in the United States, Canada, and anywhere in the English-speaking world.”

If you’re considering hiring a professional book publicity and marketing firm, look at the types of campaigns and programs we offer at Smith Publicity. Our services are available at several different levels, depending on your needs and budget—also, every campaign with us in unique and customized based on book and author. While our experience helps us understand what works best, we rarely do the same things twice. It means every title we promote receives a one-of-a-kind outreach plan, key messages, and target audience identification. If you’d like to more about various book marketing campaign types, please read on for more information.

Types of Book Marketing and Publicity Campaigns

Three Month Comprehensive Campaign: The three-month retainer-based book publicity campaign is the most extensive service level and has been a mainstay of Smith Publicity offerings for nearly 20 years. In a comprehensive campaign, all media segments are targeted, including radio, TV, newspaper, magazines, online outlets, and podcasts.

Typically best suited for non-fiction books, a publicity team personally pitches contacts with approaches that are varied according to the type of outlet. The publicity team handles all media relations, book requests, scheduling, etc. The campaign is multi-layered and can begin before or shortly after a book is released, or up to six months before release if advance review copies are available for long lead time print-media pitching.

Six-Week Book Publicity Campaign: The six-week service is essentially a condensed version of a comprehensive campaign designed to jump-start a broader book marketing program. While all media segments are pitched, the six-week service is a very intense, fast-moving campaign, and follow-ups and pitch changes are limited.

One Month Publicity Push: The one-month service is a unique, selective service, used only for specific purposes. It is not a full book marketing campaign. It typically focuses on one or two media segments, with the Smith Publicity team working to secure as much media interest as possible in a short time frame. It is well-suited for authors who need a publicity push around an event such as a marquee book signing.

Author Social Media Management: We offer two social media service levels: a six-week “jump-start” campaign and a comprehensive three-month service. Like the book publicity services, a Smith social media expert develops or enhances existing social media platforms or creates the platforms from scratch. The social media strategist manages the platforms, creates posts/tweets, and handles all aspects of outreach and connections, always staying within topic parameters discussed with the author.

Book Marketing Consultations: Book marketing consultations cover various areas such as Amazon listing/optimization, social media strategy, book signings, library outreach, etc. In a consultation, an author speaks with a Smith Publicity expert for 90 minutes. Both before and after the consultation call, receives documents and manuals that guide them to execute the services independently.

We Market Books in All Genres and Provide Strategic Advice

Some book publicity firms are niche and provide services limited to only some areas. One of the advantages of working with Smith Publicity is our comprehensive marketing experience. We’ve successfully handled everything from first-time, self-published authors to globally famous names with New York Times bestsellers. Even though we are a larger firm, we pride ourselves on personalized service and sincere interest in the authors and publishers we help. Because the best ways for how to market a book are ever-changing, you can count on us to be up-to-date and provide the best strategic advice and book marketing campaign execution available anywhere.