3 Platform-Building Book Marketing tactics

Develop Your Book Marketing & Publicity Plan:

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that writing a book is no longer newsworthy. Thousands of new books release each week and now, more than ever before, it’s crucial that authors establish their book publicity platform and set a clear path to marketing their book well before their publication date. More often than not, publishers, agents and publicists will evaluate an author’s platform before they even review their book; however, with so many initiatives to consider, where should you start your book publicity efforts.

Social Media:

Did you know you can initiate your social media strategy one year or more before your book releases? Starting to build your social media platform(s) far in advance of your publication date allows you to grow your network authentically, building trust with your followers before you formally introduce your book. Begin by following media contacts, review outlets, influencers, etc. who you wish to cover your book in the future. Identify and follow authors and individuals you’d seek endorsements from when the time comes. Follow authors in your genre who are active on social media—this can be one of the best ways to learn tactics and strategies to execute. If social media is intimidating, identify just one to two platforms that speak best to your brand and the concepts of your book and master them. It’s important to know where your audience lives. Facebook is a must if your message is geared towards mature readers. LinkedIn is critical for business authors and experts. Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform for authors—fiction authors, in particular. Whichever platform(s) you ultimately choose—start early and update often!


Consider your website your virtual business card. This is you and your book’s “home base;” the place you’ll direct all readers, reviewers and media contacts to for more information about you, your book, your message and your mission. When developing your website, consider creating an author domain name—not a book domain. This enforces your brand visibility and allows you to incorporate future releases into your existing website seamlessly. You’ll at least want your website launched three-months in advance of the publication date; however, if you have the details of your book and vision for your brand further in advance, don’t hold back—you can start to incorporate the website link into your social media marketing, subtly plugging the book.

Build & Nurture Your Own Network:

You can’t start this early enough! Every author needs to understand the power of his/her community—these are your friends, family, coworkers, local business owners, business partners, alumni groups, and more. Identify this “team” early and formalize an email mailing list. Think of individuals outside of your core network—like reader groups interested in competing authors, similar-minded writers, writing peers/fellow writing club attendees. Message your team to let them know you’re going to be calling on them in unique ways to play a role in the support of your future book launch. As you near your book’s publication date, reach back out to your network list and give them the specifics—publication date, synopsis, target reader, etc.—and ask them to share the news with their networks. And make it easy for them! Provide your contacts with a ready-made social media post that they can easily share. Of course, you’ll want to ask any contacts who may be interested in purchasing your book to please take the next step to leave a review. For more information on book publicity and book marketing please visit Smith Publicity.