Goodreads Revamps Giveaways – It’s No Longer Free to Authors

A bit of disappointing news for authors and publishers who enjoyed listing giveaways on the Goodreads reader social media site as a way to increase the buzz surrounding the release of a book: the program is no longer free. With the book site being acquired by Amazon in 2013, it’s actually surprising that monetization models like these didn’t disrupt the system sooner.

According to Publishers Weekly: “The new program offers a standard package (priced at $119) and has added a premium package tier for $599. The premier package offers the placement of the Giveaways offer on the heavily trafficked Goodreads Giveaways Homepage which attracts tens of millions of visitors each month.

To highlight the new service, Goodreads is offering an introductory discount: from January 9-January 31, 2018, Goodreads will offer the standard Giveaways package for $59 and the premium package for $299.”

Unsurprising given the Amazon connection – the giveaway program will now extend to Kindle Digital Publishing authors.

Smith Publicity will continue to strategize with our authors on the best (free) ways to utilize the Goodreads network, as well as offer the option of paid giveaways to our authors (details to pay for the giveaway at cost available upon inquiry).