Book Marketing and Consulting Services Through BookBaby

Book Promotion and Marketing for Authors

At Smith Publicity, we’re proud to provide book marketing services in partnership with BookBaby for its independently published authors.  Writers can select from three options depending on their needs and the services include book marketing planning, social media consulting for authors, and how to optimize an Amazon retail listing.

Our goal is to share knowledge and help authors in every genre succeed.
Dan Smith, Founder, Smith Publicity

The Smith-BookBaby partnership offers self-published authors tools to more effectively compete in today’s crowded marketplace. Each year, the number of books sold increases but so does the number published — so success relies on an organized and strategic approach to reach target readers.

Bookbaby marketing and consultation services. Book marketing, Book promotion services, and Book publicity.

For quite some time, Smith has maintained a close relationship with BookBaby.  Our company president Sandy Smith has hosted well-attended webinars on book publicity and promotion tactics with them, and we share many of the resources on their informative blog right here and with our clients.

Some of our favorite blog posts include:

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Book Publicity and Promotion Support is a Game-Changer

BookBaby provides a range of content preparation services that support authors as they cross the finish line to a published book, eBook, or both. But for those who want to achieve sales, having a book marketing and promotion strategy in place is essential. We’re proud to bring the resources and knowledge of our market-leading PR firm to the table at a surprisingly affordable price for authors.

Increase your book’s discoverability and sales opportunities with professional guidance from veteran publicists and social media strategists.

The BookBaby packages are within the reach of authors working on smaller budgets and allow them to participate in essential marketing activities. They are an excellent way to learn one-on-one from book industry experts—at times convenient to your schedule and tailored to your genre and level of expertise. The content and ideas shared will provide specific and actionable techniques to build awareness of your book and author platform.

3 Packages are Available; Choose the One You Need

In The Book Marketing Planner, you’ll work with a seasoned publicist to learn more about reaching your target audience, expanding your network, and professionalizing your online presence — website, blog, social media. Another package focuses solely on social media and teaches you the rules of engagement for authors, how to advertise on each platform, plan posts, and use analytics. The final package is a program on maximizing your Amazon listing. It covers page optimization, competitor analysis, and all-important keywords.

The immediate benefits of all three packages are tangible book promotion and sales support, but there are also longer-term benefits. Building your author’s platform is a natural result of the process, and it supports both current and future books. Also, if you’re publishing a book to raise your visibility and promote your business or professional practice, networking, and increased online visibility may be more important to you than achieving book sales. It varies by the author, but all have much to gain from all three options.

Start Marketing Your Book Today

Getting started is easy, and you can do it today. It’s as quick as choosing a package and telling BookBaby and Smith a little bit about yourself and your project. Before long, you’ll be speaking to a consultant and getting underway, learning more about how to publicize your book.  The three packages are designed to help authors before or at the time of publication. But it never hurts to plan. The most crucial moment for marketing a book is at the time of its launch, and the more organized you are, the better your chances for success. 

The book marketing and book publicity packages we offer with BookBaby are customized to your skill level, available time, and needs. They’ll work for any author in any genre. No special knowledge is required, and if you’d like to read more detailed information about each one, check them out here. Setting out to handle your marketing and promotion DIY is a significant commitment and one that affects your book’s chances for success. Take it seriously and get yourself the support you need to do it well and succeed.