Ready for Digital Domination? Marketing Tactics to Drive Attention to Your eBook

Trending print reports shows this is the best time to market your eBook. Today’s consumers have come to expect convenience and options in every facet of their lives. So it’s not surprising that they’re looking for the same when it comes to reading. While print book sales are seeing a bit of a resurgence, increasing 1.9% in 2017 according to NDP BookScan, eBooks are still proving to be a highly desired option as well.

If you, as an author or publisher, do decide to provide this print alternative for your latest release, here are a few marketing and promotion tips to keep in mind when working to build awareness for your eBook:

4 Tactics to drive E-book Sales

  1. Take advantage of online platforms that can help increase reviews for your eBook. One of our favorites is NetGalley, an online database that connects readers of influence and other book industry professionals with recommended new books. Once uploaded, NetGalley readers are given access to complimentary and protected electronic files of your book with the aim of having them provide a review in return. What’s great about these reviews is most will post to your NetGalley profile and, if asked, are happy to cross post to any of your other listings as well, such as Amazon. As is the truth with any format of your book, the more reviews, the better!
  2. Play around with your Amazon Kindle categories! Bestsellers in any category on Amazon are primarily determined by three main factors: 1. Number of reviews, 2. Total downloads, and 3. Total revenue. Simply categorizing your eBook under “Fiction” will quickly find your title lost amidst the thousands of other fiction titles released every week. By digging deeper into the available subcategories, you’ll not only find it much easier to stand out amongst your competition but will also likely find yourself passively connecting with new readers you didn’t realize would be interested in your book. Switching your category periodically can also connect you with new readers and possibly increase your chances of reaching bestseller status in a more niche category. 
  3. Submit your eBook for BookBub consideration. BookBub is a free service that helps millions of readers discover new books while providing publishers and authors with a way to drive sales and find new fans. While BookBub can be quite selective with the titles it features, those who are selected have reported impressive numbers in eBook sales through their promotional pricing.
  4. Give it away for FREE! Whether you’re offering free giveaways through forums on Reddit, conducting a Goodreads giveaway, working with a blog, or running an eBook promo on Amazon, giving away your eBook for a period of time can be a much more cost-efficient way to drive attention – and reviews – to your listings. Talk to any author or publisher and tell you that giving your book away in some fashion is all part of the process. Thankfully, the reader communities found through these platforms are typically well-versed in the expectations that come with receiving a free copy and are happy to provide a review in return.

These four recommendations are just the start of your options for building awareness for your eBook. After reading this, I encourage you to continue researching eBook marketing and promotion and test the waters with the many opportunities available to you. You’ll soon find the options that work best for you and the story or message you hope to share with the world! For more information on e-book marketing or help with e-book marketing click on our e-book page.