Preparing for Your Self-Publishing Adventure

The best way to enter into self-publishing is to treat like a business; as a second career. Just as you wouldn’t start a business without a plan, you need a solid one as you prepare to release your book. While book marketing is always crucial, there are other very important elements of your “self-publishing business plan.”

Don’t be one of the far-too-many-authors who devote many months or even years into writing their book, get it published, and then have no clue as to what to do next. The key is thinking ahead. Don’t wait until your book is out, get key things ready before your book is available for purchase such as:

  • a thorough, comprehensive book publicity plan
  • a quality, professionally designed and easy to navigate website
  • robust, active social media platforms
  • amazon page copy; even if you can’t put your book on Amazon ahead of time, you can certainly have a professional book description author bio and keyword optimization ready to go

So many Smith Publicity clients tell us that writing their book was actually the easier part of the entire process! Be prepared. Operate like a business. Plan, plan and plan, and get outside help where you need it.

Here’s a nice article from BookBaby on things you need as venturing into your self-publishing career.