How Much Does Book Publicity Cost?

Professional Book Publicity Helps Authors Break Through

If you’ve been asking yourself, how much does book publicity cost? The answer is it varies. But leading book publicists like Smith Publicity have plans available at many budget levels, even small ones. Book Marketing Cost of hiring a book publicity company to help increase the sales of your book. Therefore, it’s worth investigating for everyone. Every title can benefit from being publicized and promoted, whether from a first-time self-published author or a traditionally published well-known name. Because authors and publishers cannot merely purchase a good reputation and credible image, they need well-planned and strategic outreach to media. Building strong relationships with editors, producers, writers, and interviewers requires intelligent outreach and compelling storytelling. In short, beneficial media coverage must be earned.

What is the value of publicity for your book? It is the question that many publishers and self-published authors ask when thinking about taking their books to the mass market. Visibility and exposure in the media are among the ways to help people discover books, and without them, the chances for success are reduced. Publishers and authors can attempt publicity campaigns themselves with existing resources, but established book promotion firms like Smith Publicity can speed up and improve results. The experience of already having publicized thousands of books has proved our methods successful, and we can help with quality books of all genres.

The Relationship of Book Publicity to Sales

Hiring a book publicity company to help promote your book can be scary, but it's needed. When you pay for book promotion, it does not mean that you will automatically spark sales. It’s more about reaching out to the right reporters with story ideas and developing a multi-faceted strategy that will raise visibility for both your work and you. Because we as book publicists already have good relationships with the media, we can get things underway without delay. In return for your investment, you expect the people you hire to be committed to your message and goals – learning, understanding, and in the case of us as publicists working closely with you, advocating for your book, brand, or your cause.

The publicity campaigns for the most successful books are well-rounded and include a strategic mix of elements. A well-planned combination of media coverage, optimization of online promotion, and other unique program elements such as events is the surest way to success. Successful programs often begin with smaller and local media and build to regional and national coverage. It’s the same with the digital space where carefully chosen bloggers can lead to coverage on larger websites and influential online media. When all are complete and in place, it is much more likely interested readers will discover your book — and potentially buy it. 

Even the Best Books Need a Boost at the Start

Quality writing on topics of interest nearly always causes books to sell. But at the beginning getting out the word is of critical importance. Think of paid book publicity service as a jump start to give your work a better chance to become as successful and well-regarded as you intended. You’ve put a great deal of time and resources into writing and publishing. Now take the next step and see that your work is given the advantages of a professionally marketed book.