What Does Traditional Media Mean in Book Marketing?

In the earlier days of book marketing and publicity, things were simpler. A book publicist had four clear segments to pitch: radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines. These four comprise what is regarded as traditional media. Even though the digital revolution has upended the marketplace, traditional media continue to have considerable value in helping to publicize […]

How Author Promotion Helps to Market Books

Author promotion is a crucial part of how to market your book. Even the most introverted authors must get out and promote to sell books. Standard promotional methods include feature stories in magazines and newspapers, interviews on radio shows, and appearances on TV. The more an author is in front of the public, the more […]

6 Ways to Promote a Children’s Book

The Best Ways to Promote a Children’s Book At Smith Publicity, we receive many calls from authors asking about how to promote a children’s book. There’s no doubt children’s titles require a somewhat different publicity approach, but it’s not necessarily more challenging. Like all book and author marketing campaigns, you need a well-thought-out plan and […]