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Self-Published Book Marketing

Marketing Self-Published and Independent Books

Whether you call it self-publishing, indie publishing, print-on-demand or cooperative publishing, there is no disputing the fact that authors now have many more options to see their work in print beyond traditional publishing.

Over the last ten years, self-publishing has been “democratized” and evolved from what was stigmatized as an amateurish endeavor to an increasingly accepted and exciting form of publishing. The industry has enjoyed a revolution of popularity and gained credibility via major print media coverage. In fact, it was Smith Publicity that pitched a story about self-publishing to The New York Times, which resulted in a front page, above-the-fold article. This article is widely considered the seminal media event that turned the tide of negative perception of self-published books.

Moreover, Smith Publicity is widely credited with pushing the credibility of self-published authors to new levels. From many years ago–when we became the very first book marketing company to secure a full page feature story about a self-published novel in The New York Times, to the ever-evolving book publicity strategies we continually develop for self-published authors–we have earned the reputation as the premier book marketing agency for self-published books. The self-publishing revolution is here, we helped start it, and it is certain to remain a popular and permanent publishing option for authors.

Today, self-publishing is all about providing opportunities to authors whose self-published books otherwise might never see the light of day. The type of book promotion and book marketing strategies Smith Publicity employs make the book-buying public aware of the many high-quality books released through independent publishing. We’ve worked with authors published by virtually every major indie publisher, and developed innovative, cooperative relationships with some of the largest self-publishers.

Smith Publicity...
An Equal Opportunity Book Promotion Agency

Some Smith Publicity Staff at Book Expo America, 2010

Some Smith Publicity Staff at Book Expo America, 2010

At Smith Publicity, we’ve implemented many book promotion campaigns for big publishing houses and small publishers, and we’ve also promoted more self-published books than any firm in the industry.

Our self-published authors have appeared on nearly every major radio and television show and enjoyed feature story coverage, reviews, and mentions in the top magazines and newspapers around the world. Examples include one indie author who appeared on the Today Show three times, and another who sold more than 15,000 copies in two months via interviews on several national TV shows.

See examples of some of our successful book marketing campaigns. Marketing self-published book is our specialty, choose Smith Publicity today!

Experience = Proven Results for Self-Published Books

Put simply: No firm knows more than Smith Publicity when it comes to effective book publicity, author marketing and positioning of self-published books and authors. We know every tactic and trick of the trade for securing the kind of media exposure formerly reserved only for traditionally published books.

From non-fiction and novels to self-help and business books, Smith Publicity knows what it takes, and no other book publicity in the nation can rival our successful track record of promoting self-published books.

Your book has been published – you should be proud of your accomplishment and you can compete in the book publicity world with any traditionally published book.

Check out our track record, ask us for references from self-published authors with whom we’ve worked with, and then experience the Smith Publicity difference.