Crowdfunding in Your Book Publicity Campaign

By Justine Schofield, Development Director of Pubslush You might already know this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Publishing a book is hard. If you didn’t already know this, I’m not sure if I should apologize or say ‘you’re welcome.’ There’s a lot that goes into publishing. Not only do you have to write the […]

Using Social Media to Promote Your Book and Author Brand

If you are not very computer-savvy, social media marketing can seem daunting and often hard to comprehend. But it doesn’t have to be! Social media should be a fun, stress-free way to promote your book and author brand. Using these three tips, you can begin your social media journey today! 1. Remember it takes time […]

eBook Pricing Strategies for Self-Published Authors

By Chris Robley, editor of The BookBaby Blog One of the most common questions we hear at BookBaby is “how much should I charge for my eBook?” Like most good questions, this one doesn’t have a simple answer. In fact, we usually have to ask the author a few questions ourselves: What is your goal […]

How to Get Reviewed in Publishers Weekly | Tips for Indie Authors

4 Tips for indie authors to increase chances for a review By Carl Pritzkat is vice president of business development for PWxyz Important developments at Publishers Weekly (PW) have made it easier than ever to submit your book for review consideration. We’ve made big changes at PW in the last few weeks to make it […]

Use Goodreads Author Program as a Book Marketing Tool

What Is the Goodreads Author Program? The Goodreads Author Program is a completely free feature designed to help authors reach their target audience—passionate readers. This is the perfect place for new and established authors to promote their books. What Can You Do as a Goodreads Author? Take Control of Your Profile Make your profile a […]

How to Create an Author Blog Content Plan by Nina Amir

It’s not difficult to create a blog content plan. Pick a topic to explore each month, quarter, or year that in some way serves your brand, business or book. Then brainstorm related topics. Schedule these topics based upon how often you write and publish posts. Then write about the topics you’ve selected each week in […]

Social Media Tips and Tricks for Authors

Social media, to put it mildly, can be tricky. It is a strange pseudo-world of social interaction with complete strangers, but it can be pivotal to helping build your author brand. Social media has exploded in popularity in recent years, offering more and more platforms from which authors can choose. The big players in social […]

Five Things to Do Before You Submit Your Proposal or Book to a Publisher

The changes in the publishing industry have led to new and varied options for authors who want their works available via traditional publishers, e-platforms, hybrid publishers, and self-publishers. Of course, the appeal of traditional publishers remains strong and many authors return to these companies after they have self-published one or more titles. Having a completed […]

Determining the Retail Price for a Printed Book

At Dog Ear Publishing, determining the retail price of a book is a routine task. There are various factors we consider when advising authors on setting a retail price. First, what type of genre does your book fall into—non-fiction, fiction, children’s, juvenile, self-help or something else? Some genres allow for higher retail prices or have […]

Digital Age Authorship: 2014’s Four Best Ways to Market your Book

No matter what you’re marketing, two things remain true: it’s important to market through mixed media, rather than depending on one single tactic; and you have to be consistent. When marketing the first book you’ve published, you aren’t likely to already have an established following of readers — now is the time to build one […]