Interested in Doing TEDx Talks? Everything Authors Need to Know

TEDx talks are becoming more popular, and more authors want to employ the power TEDx affords for book marketing and expert branding.

In this edition of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, host Andrea Thatcher talks with Josephine Gross and Elena Herdieckerhoff, founders of, a dynamic company with an impressive record of helping authors break into TEDx.

From the RedDotStage website:
“Most people believe landing a TEDx is difficult and time-consuming at best. They want to know what makes a TEDx talk go viral. We help our clients distill their core message (based on their passion, what makes them tick), apply for TEDx events, and craft their speech. Next we come up with a marketing strategy to help them leverage and capitalize on the exposure once their TEDx talk goes live on YouTube.”