Smith Publicity Named to Agency Elite Top 100 List for 2023

PRNews Recognizes Smith Publicity for the Second Consecutive Year

We’re proud to announce that PRNews has named Smith Publicity to its Agency Elite Top 100 List for 2023, and it marks the second year in a row we’ve been included. The list recognizes a select group of PR firms that are leaders in their practice areas, ours being book marketing and publicity services. Everyone on our team takes great pride in the recognition from PRNews, and we know from last year’s experience that it matters to our clients. It helps confirm the value of choosing Smith Publicity, along with the results they see from their publicity campaigns.

Each year, we strive to move our clients and ourselves ahead by developing new ideas and strategies to market books successfully. Given the never-ending increase in competition, we know author branding and book promotion both need to be unique and compelling. Target readers for every book are bombarded with messages and offers, and we must consistently demonstrate why our clients’ books are the best choices. It works the same way with media, reviewers, and others in the places where books are selected for coverage and reviewed.

Our Smith Publicity Webinar Series is a Notable Addition for 2022

In the current year, we’ve expanded our offering of free book marketing information through a unique webinar series that’s becoming very well attended. The courses are led by a Smith Publicity executive joined by other publishing industry experts. Discussions and presentations are followed by Q&A sessions with attendees who participated in the live webinar (if you register, you can view a recorded version at your chosen time). Topics have ranged from author branding to how to monetize your thought leadership, to how to build your dream team of support professionals for a self-published book

One webinar focused on what media looks for when it comes to who and what to cover, and how to spark their interest. We continue to see the value of traditional media coverage because of the stature it confers on a book and author. Each year the number of online book promotion opportunities increases, but the most successful books generally have a mix of traditional media coverage and online visibility. We also continue fine-tuning our social media management capabilities and share valuable insights about them and other topics in our “All Things Book Marketing” podcasts.  

PRNews Top 100 elite book PR firms logo. Book promotion and author publicity agency, Smith Publicity, has been added to the list of best PR agencies for 2023.

We Value and Support PR Industry Awards and Recognitions

Just as we’re pleased to be recognized by PRNews in its Top 100 Elite Agency List, we support the need for awards and competitions in our field. We hold the Smith Publicity Scholarship competition each year to support students interested in learning the skills required to become book publicists. Our scholarship recognizes a student-written essay that is an excellent example of persuasive writing. Each day, our publicists write persuasively in their pitches to the media, and we know from experience it is one of the skills every book PR person needs to master.

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We also actively participate in trade organizations and professional associations to contribute our learning and listen to others working in the book industry and public relations profession. Our industry is a people business and responds to trends in the media and society — we connect them to our clients’ books and earn coverage. The media landscape is constantly changing, and new social media platforms and websites debut on the internet each year. Authors and publishers who work with us can count on our book marketers, who are ahead of the curve.

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